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GLIDE Sponsored Studio

Journey into acupuncture: build trust and relationships through acupuncture service in GLIDE Foundation


Taewuk Kim

Yujin Cha

Morgan Wash

Josh Yule

Chloe Chen(me)


Project management, research, concept ideation, service design


Illustrator, Figma, Premiere Pro

Feb - May, 2022

Acupuncture service faces the barriers of being less known by the community and hard to build trust and relationships with the clients. With the service we re-design, GLIDE can build trust and relationships with clients by demonstrating how acupuncture can help ease the pain.

Re-Design Service Storyboard

image 412.png

Pain Point

People don’t know that GLIDE has this service and provides it as a free service.


Inform people of acupuncture through GLIDE’s Most well-known service, the Free Meals service.

image 413.png

Pain Point

Paper-based check-in results in clients repeatedly filling out forms on each visit; difficult to track information if needed.


A file-management application on digital devices to store information; make the check-in process more convenient by reducing repetitive steps.

image 406.png

Pain Point

People are hesitant to trust medical staff due to past negative experiences.


The staff needs to maintain more communication with the patient to confirm clients' status while providing services.

image 414.png

Pain Point

No feedback system to collect clients' thoughts.


After the treatment, give out feedback cards to patients who want to share their opinions about the service.

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